Top 7 Tips for Taking Awesome Photos of Your Car 

Whether or not you are an amateur, seeking to begin a career as an automobile photographer, or you are simply trying to dispose of your vehicle in the online classified ads, understanding how to take a fantastic photograph of a car could be a helpful expertise to possess. We have put together some of the finest car photography tips in this article.

1. Pick the background setting

To select the proper background for your photos, consider what type of automobile you’re taking photos of. In case you’re taking photos of your dearest Jeep, you might want to think about a summery atmosphere along with a beach, lake or some other natural environment in the background. However, for taking photos of sporty small Volkswagen automobiles, inner city scenery might be the best choice. Be sure that you look out for other cars as well as traffic while you are taking your photos.

Image courtesy of CanvasFactory. Image contains Holden SSV Commodore and demonstrates motion blur, referenced in Tip 6.

2. Select the correct angle

Do not hesitate to try out various angles till you discover the most intriguing one. As opposed to the regular side-on photo of your vehicle from eye level, attempt getting down lower and shooting your vehicle looking in the upward direction from the ground. Move about the vehicle in a circular motion whilst keeping a watch on possible new angles you can shoot from. Continue to keep experimenting until you have discovered a winning combo.

3. Capture the details

Do not fail to get up close as well as personal with your vehicle by capturing all of the minute details which can occasionally be easy to overlook from very far. The brand new hubcaps, the glistening logo on your Ford, or the pop-up front lights on your classic model are all particulars worthy of getting photographed.

4. Lighting

The majority of the photographers suggest that the initial few hours of daylight, and also the last several hours prior to sunset are the most effective times to shoot a vehicle to add some extra drama. This will likely reduce any vibrant reflections off the windows as well as windshields. Taking pictures at night may also generate some spectacular outcomes. Make sure to shoot in a well-lit location, and also have a tripod nearby to keep things stable.

Image Courtesy of Wikipedia. Image contains the Ford Fusion and demonstrates detailed lighting, referenced in Tip 4. 

5. Dress for good results and watch your own reflections

While photographing vehicles, it is advisable to wear darkish shades. According to the shot you are after, at least, a part of your own personal reflection might unavoidably fall into the photograph. By putting on dark shades, the reflection is going to be somewhat lessened.

6. Panning

Panning or motion blur photos are taken when the automobile is going past the cameras. This kind of automotive photography helps to keep the car well-defined; however, the wheels, as well as the background blur, provide the appearance of motion. This method is a little harder to grasp as you need to get the shutter speed perfect. In case, the shutter is simply too quick and the wheels and also the background are distinct then it seems as though the automobile is not actually moving. If the speed of the shutter is too slow it is going to be a huge blurry clutter.

7. Rolling & Rig Shots

Rig shots make use of a boom, suction pads as well as clamps in order to mount the cam rig to the automobile. This provides an identical result as a panning photo with the automobile well-defined and the tires and background blurry. The primary difference with employing a rig is that you are able to place the camera virtually anywhere around the vehicle providing you with a more vibrant image.