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Most Hotly Anticipated Cars of 2020 

The year 2019 is almost over and we have already begun to turn our attention to the most hotly anticipated cars of 2020. This year we have seen some outstanding models move into production from the Acura RDX, the new model of the Ford Ranger and the Jaguar I-Pace to name just a few. So what will this new year bring? We already know the majority of what to expect and here is our run down of the new cars which we can’t wait to set eyes upon. 

Porsche Taycan

A fully electric Porsche is something to get very excited about and that is why the Taycan is on this list. Set to be released in mid-2020 we have been salivating over the prospect of this car since 2015 when it was showcased in Frankfurt. The style of the car is everything you’d expect from a new Porsche model, a 4 door coupe with those curves and bends in the design which we all adore. Under the hood there will be 80kWh and 95kWh batteries alongside an 2 electric motors which manage the 4-wheel drive. Generally we are expecting this model to churn out around 536 or 670 brake horsepower, with 0-60 coming in at around 3.4 seconds. This may not be what Porsche are used to creating but in the Taycan all signs appear that they have brought a very exciting model to the electric market.

Aston Martin DBX (Varekai) 

The British ultra-luxury car manufacturers Aston Martin first released this vehicle as a concept way back in 2015, and 2020 is the year that it will be hitting the sales floor. The new DBX fills the void which Aston Martin have in their range for a crossover/SUV. This will be a 5 door model much in the same way as other luxury manufacturers have designed their crossovers, beyond this the info which we have is still rather limited. They did announce that they would be using a Mercedes-Benz M177 V8 engine, just like the Vantage and DB11 models use. There is no expected date of release yet, but we do know that it will be 2020. 

Ford Bronco, 2020 Edition

Ford have reacted to the groundswell of customers who have been craving a new Ford Bronco and after not releasing one for over 25 years, it is high time that we were treated to an updated model of the brutish SUV. This year’s model differs greatly from the Broncos of old, it isn’t aimed at off-roading or those who want a spacious SUV, but rather those who want a bulky and high performing pickup. This Ranger style Bronco looks as though it will a 2.3 turbocharged 4-cylinder, producing around 270 horsepower, although we are still to have the lineup confirmed by Ford. ford is a company who love to feature Eco options on their models and we expect the Bronco to be no different. 

Which of these are you most looking forward to seeing?