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Smart ways to upgrade your garage

Renovating your home can be an exhausting task. Luckily, there’s a huge number of tips and tricks that can help you with it. From catalogs to renovation blogs, there’s a sea of information just waiting to be processed. However, the not so popular rooms and spaces are sometimes not as easy to decorate and renovate. What we mean by this is that you can find an endless amount of ideas when it comes to living rooms and bedrooms, but not as much about the other, less habituated and frequently owned ones. Nonetheless, we got your back. After doing some much-needed research and making some necessary cuts, we’ve got your list. Here are some smart ways to upgrade your garage with zero fuss.

Plan everything out to a tee

Before even thinking about getting down to business, stop. Don’t think that you can just go into this with no or little experience and wing it. Because, surprise surprise, you won’t be able to. No matter how good you think you might be at this you won’t ever be able to account for everything that could go wrong. Not even with all the planning involved. But why do I even bother then, you ask? Because you’ll be able to mitigate the possible fails by a significant amount. So before you decide which bike you’ll be keeping in your upgraded garage, read along.

So get your pen and paper and start writing down everything that you think could come in handy.

  • Get help from a friend that has experience in the matter
    Ask around and see if this can work. Chances are that some or at least one of your friends have a garage upgrade behind them. Ask for some tips and tricks as well as what the things that could go wrong are. If you’re thinking about hiring professionals, you can also ask them for advice on that.
  • Search through the Internet for some info
    Don’t get discouraged if you don’t know anybody that can help you. Nowadays, when you have the Internet on your side, you’re never alone. Au contraire, it’s like you have an endless amount of confidants that are more knowledgeable and thorough than any human could ever be.

Before you get into it, look up how to upgrade your garage.

A person looking up how to upgrade his garage on his laptop.

Get someone to plan your garage upgrade for you

One of the smartest things you might do is hire help to upgrade your garage. Even if you’re a skeptic, or want to do something on your own, you don’t have to throw this idea out the window right away. They could always help you with just a certain field you’re not comfortable with. For example, you might be really good at implementing ideas into action but just aren’t really sure of what you’ll need to do or vice versa.

Pack up first, upgrade your garage later

Don’t wait until the day prior to upgrading your garage to start packing. Packing in advance is packing smartly. This process doesn’t need to be hard and painstaking. Just divide everything into categories that make sense to you in accordance with what you own. Put everything into boxes and don’t forget to mark them. It’s not necessary to go crazy with a label maker. All you’ll need to do is get a marker and write whatever it is that you’ve put into that exact box. For some more fragile things and things that require more attention and care, quality packing supplies are essential.

Get through the basics right away

Once you’ve cleaned your garage out, you can start putting your plans into action. Turns out that the best way to do that is outwards in, who knew? All jokes aside, it’s very common to get everything mixed up and end up with a mess in your garage before you’ve even started to do anything. However, if your first step, the planning, is done right, you won’t have to worry about this.

Your walls and floors are the first thing you should be thinking about when upgrading your garage. Oftentimes, the practicality of this space beats the aesthetic side. So make sure that both of these things are prime quality and sustainable in order to last you a long time. After this, slowly incorporate your bigger pieces.

Get a new vehicle

One of the best, some would argue the best, ways to upgrade your garage is to put in a new vehicle. If you have enough money and have thought about purchasing a car or a motorcycle and adding to your collection, go fo it. If you need some tips and tricks you can always look up what the most hotly anticipated cars of 2020 are.

One of the best ways to upgrade your garage is to purchase a new vehicle.

A blue sedan. One of the best ways to upgrade your garage is to buy a new vehicle.

What about the smaller things?

Upgrading your garage is one of those rare instances where less doesn’t have to be more. Since this space needs to have a more functional appeal, it’s not that bad for it to be a bit more cluttered. As long as we’re talking about a good kind of cluttered. You can always look for advice from sites that deal with this sort of expertise. Here are some things you maybe wouldn’t have thought of to upgrade your garage with.

  • Ceiling storage
    When trying to upgrade your garage, you probably don’t have a lot of space to use for storing all your knick-knacks. By using ceiling storage you’ll be able to put away a lot of things you don’t use as frequently and still have a lot left. This works best if your ceilings are a bit higher.
  • Storage wall
    While based on the same logic, this one is for garages that are a bit wider and don’t have as high of a ceiling. Also, while keeping the things you don’t need in your ceiling storage, storage wall is for the one that you use all the time. It’s a great way to keep your tools at hand.

One of the cheapest ways to upgrade your garage is to use a storage wall.

A storage wall. It’s one of the simplest and cheapest ways to upgrade your garage.

Make ‘you’ stand out

While it really is a space meant for practical use and not much more, there’s no reason no to make the time you spend there more comfortable. When trying to upgrade your garage, you could put a little thought into decorating it as well. This doesn’t have to be some over the top decorating adventure. Just think of what your style is and what’s going to make the place feel more homey and comfortable for you.