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Top 5 European Road Trip Routes

Throughout Europe there are some stunning road trip routes which you can take on that will show you a very different side to each country. These long and winding roads feature some of the most outstanding natural settings, exciting roads and plenty of surprises to find along the way. If you are looking for an awesome route for your next road trip then you have to check out some of these bad boys.

Grossglockner Hochalpenstrasse, Austria

This mesmerizing alpine road passes through the Hohe Tauern National Park and it attracts thousands of bike and car enthusiasts each and every year. The first point to mention here is the outstanding scenery which greets you with every bend and turn that you take along the road, cutting through the Alps and treating you to alpine paradise. The road climbs up to 2,504 and along the way there are no less than 36 hair-pin bends to keep you on your toes. The route starts at Bruck in the Salzburg valley and finishes at in Carinthia which is 30 miles away. 

Romantische Strasse, Germany

This 220 mile route in Germany’s Bavaria region is a truly special one which is best enjoyed over the course of a couple of days. Starting in Wurzberg and finishing in Füssen, this is a route which is packed with just about everything you could want from a road trip. Small towns and hamlets with fairytale castles, ancient towns and walled cities give way to plenty of glorious German nature as you meander along the Romantic Road to your eventual destination. 

Route One, Iceland

This is a road trip like no other and one which will excite any adventurers out there, Route One in Iceland offers you the chance to slice through the country and cast your gaze upon every bit of Iceland’s impressive natural scenery. The 800 mile trip will take your from Reykjavik through the remote wilderness and back again. Along the way you can expect to see hot springs at Myvatn, whales frolicking in Husavik, lava fields, volcanos and some of the most dramatic rocky mountain scenes that you are ever likely to witness. This is the best way to see Iceland and it is a road best driven in July and August, with a solid 4 wheel drive car. 

The Military Road, Isle of Wight

The Isle of Wight sits just off the south east coast of England and it is a massively underrated destination. To see this island in all of its splendor take the military road, also known as the A3055. The road is just 12 miles long and will take you from Blackgang and back again. It may be short and sweet but this is a road which will present some of the most stunning vistas you are likely to see anywhere in the UK. With short climbs giving way to breathtaking panoramas of the sea, quaint valleys of farmland which open up to offer views of the mainland, this is a route which will not disappoint you. 

Which one will you be driving first?