How to Keep a Friendly Road Trip Fun — Inside the Car

Going on a long road trip with your friends has been a car driver’s favorite hobby since the invention of the automobile. The long, open road is begging people to drive on it. A highlight of any long road trip is seeing what is out there. The small towns that many horror movies are based on, or the gigantic cities that people fantasize about visiting. Some may even imagine the city lights flashing on their faces after winning a game or two of Poker. 

But what do you all do in between these towns or cities? How do you keep the energy up after the car turns off the highway? Well, this article will (hopefully) answer those questions. 

Games, Games, Games

Why not go back to your childhood with a bunch of classic games that your parents made you play? Now that you are an adult, these games can be tweaked to make it more… “appropriate” for an adult audience. 

You could start with a warm-up of “I Spy.” The classic “I spy with my little eye something beginning with a…” But now you can add another, cheeky, level to it. You can spy the shape of clouds. This would bring up friendly arguments since everyone could view the cloud differently. For example, one may see a baseball bat, another will see a pole, and the third will see a rubber chicken. A little game to get the creative juices flowing. And even the driver can play along if it is in their eye line. 

There are games that can make people bond over time, such as “never have I ever,” or “20 questions.” One of the peaks of road tripping is not only the sights but the chance to get to know each other better. Plus, everyone can join in the questioning.

Apps, Apps, Apps

Technology exists, and with technology come apps. There are many apps that you can play with friends like ones that are trivia based. “Heads-Up” is also a good one. To play this app, one player has to hold their phone while the others describe the word and the player guesses. “What If,” where you can get asked bizarre “what if” situations, and see how the others would fare. 

But since everyone is an adult, why not try your luck on some slot machine apps that pay real money? These apps are designed in such a way that they are easy and comfortable to use. You can get bonuses, like free spins, when you use an app. And you can play them for free. 

However, if you and your friends think they have the luck of the Irish, why not put money on it. You all place some money in a pool and use that to gamble with. You can split the winnings or use them for the rest of the trip. But remember if you think you have the luck of the Irish, there is a chance that he is not actually visiting you fellows today. Or keep a tally of who won the most free credits if gambling with real money is not your thing.

Playing With Other Cars, Cars, Cars

If there are a lot of other cars on the road, this can add more games to your carpool. But let’s not race them since speeding fines do exist. However, a favorite game your group of pals can play is punch buggy. Just do not be too hard on the driver since they can end up swerving a bit if a punch lands too hard. 

Or if adding light punches to your comrades in travel is not your thing, you all can try the license plate game. Here you and your friends can point out license plates from different states, countries, etc., and keep a tally of who said it first. The one with the least points has to do a dare or something. 

And if you all are feeling more creative, you could tell a story of why that car is on this road? Where are they going? What will happen to them? This can be as “out there” as your mind can handle. You can try naming the cars with license plates as a starting point. Such as for VKV, it could be Viking, or for FRG, it could be Froggo. See what you and your friends can come up with by turning those three letters into a name or a word. 

In Conclusion

Going on a long trip with your best buddies can be a great way to connect or reconnect. However, the excitement of the trip does not need to end when you get off the highway and see how much you have to travel before you get out at a pit stop. These games may seem simple but imagine what they could turn into, and what others will say or do. Before you know it, you would have passed the time, and you will be at your next horror-inspiring small town or gigantic city.