How likely are you to be #DrivenToDistraction?

As a driver has it ever crossed your mind how alert you are whilst behind the wheel? It’s something which you’ve probably never thought of, however, being distracted whilst driving happens more often than what you’d think.

Whether it’s looking in your rear-view mirror to engage with a passenger in the back of the vehicle or briefly changing the radio station you’re listening too; no matter how minor the action may seem, it’s still time your eyes are off the road and pedestrians around you.

More often than not it’s the more confident drivers amongst us who decide to take risks whilst driving. For more serious actions like using a mobile phone behind the wheel, whether you’re a driver or not, we’re all aware of how serious the consequences can be.

If a driver is caught using a mobile whilst driving, they can expect to receive points on their license and a fine. However, drivers who have held their licence for less than two years will face more severe repercussions and will more than likely have their licence taken from them.

Unfortunately for some drivers the consequences don’t deter them from using a device and for many people, they aren’t aware of how serious the matter is.

How alert are you whilst using a mobile phone behind the wheel?

It’s no secret that using a mobile phone whether you’re driving or not is a distraction. It’s more than likely that drivers using a mobile device won’t be aware of how much time their eyes are off the road, resulting in reduced levels of concentration.

To make drivers aware of how easy it is to be distracted whilst driving, Kwik Fit has created an interactive game which puts your reaction times to the test.

The #DrivenToDistraction game puts you behind the wheel of a moving vehicle and during this time, a series of multiple choice questions will appear on a mobile phone. All the user has to do is answer the questions but make sure you’re alert, as a STOP sign will appear on the screen; which requires you to click the mouse as quickly as possible.

How well did you do?

No matter how good or bad your results were after taking the #DrivenToDistraction game, we want to know.

The game is a great way to show drivers how easy it is to be distracted whilst driving and the importance of not using a mobile phone. Share your results from the game on social, using #DrivenToDistraction and tag @Kwik_Fit.