8-Year-Old Kid Learns To Drive On YouTube, Goes To McDonald's

8-year-old boy learns driving on YouTube, drives SUV to McDonald’s. What happens next?

YouTube is one such platform where you can learn toughest of things from singing to driving. An 8-year-old boy followed YouTube to learn car driving and apparently the lesson was successful. He drove an SUV to McDonald’s ordering booth in Columbiana County, Ohio. Shocked after seeing a little boy behind the wheel of a big car, some […]


OMG! Brazilian motorcycle taxi driver rides 100 km with 30 cm knife in his head

What we often see in movies sometimes is witnessed in real life too. Can you ever imagine someone driving 100 km on a bike with a knife in his head? Impossible, it seems, right? But shockingly, the same has happened with a guy named Jaucelo Nunes who is a taxi driver and lives in Teresina […]

Eating while driving is more dangerous than using cellphone

Well, quit some of your focus from driving towards anything and you are in trouble. University of Leeds has recently published an Article titled “Two Hands Better Than One”. The aim of the articles is to raise awareness about the dangers of doing anything apart from driving while driving. It includes talking on the phone, […]

Ban on using cellphones while driving doesn’t help prevent accident, says IIHS

Don’t you just hate it, when you get a ticket for talking on cell phone while driving? But you know that Govt. does it for your own good, so that you don’t get into accidents. Looks like the Govt. was lying like always. Some ground-breaking revelations by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) point […]