The Top Scenic Roads in Ireland

Typically when we take a drive, our goal is to get from one place to another quickly and safely. For this reason we look for the shortest route that can move us over the safest roads.  Although this is the smartest thing to do in most situations, there are times when you might want to take the road that is bit less traveled, and that has sights and scenes that bring your spirit to life. When this particular road is just as safe as the short route, it can become an even more tempting option.

Ireland has many such roads. Some that are scenic and exhilarating, and that pay you in dividends for taking the extra time to experience them. Here are a two of the best examples.


Dublin is famous for its hustle and bustle and the perfect way to contrast the business and claustrophobia of the city is to take the Wickland Mountains road to go to Portlaoise.  This winding mountain pass offers views of vistas and great places to stop and see some of Ireland’s best sites. Take the detour to the highest waterfall in Ireland, Powerscourt Waterfall. Picture taking and even a picnic there is mandatory.  Take the Sally Gap mountain pass for breathtaking views of the Irish countryside. Turn towards Glenalough at Laragh Village to visit one of Ireland’s best preserved monastic settlements. Te architecture is more than 15 centuries old and still worth a view. These are only some of the sites you will encounter as you make your way to Pourtlaoise.


For a drive that will put you in a great mood, The Sky Road in Connemara is the right one. Although it is only 15km, it offers some of Ireland’s best coastal views. The Connemara coast is charming and sedate and will stay with you long after the drive. You can view the Twelve Bens inland and Inishturk as well as expansive plains and or course the calm waters off the coast. Best of all, this short drive delivers you to Aughrus Causeway which takes you to lovely Omey Island.

These are only a sampling of the amazing Irish roads that offer you the chance to reconnect with nature, and see parts of Ireland that you would miss taking the usual highways and roads. Chill Insurance has created an e-book that provides more of Ireland’s most scenic roads for you to discover. Make sure that you have the right insurance for your vehicle when you are in Ireland, and to live life to the fullest, always take the road less traveled.