Do I Need a Camera On My GPS Fleet Tracking Device?

When businesses first began to use GPS fleet tracking devices they were simply used to calculate the fastest routes and to follow the vehicle’s location. However, over time these devices have advanced an incredible amount and currently they have a wide range of fleet management benefits. For example, businesses can track the health status of a vehicle, they can monitor driver behaviors and they can use the data which the trackers produce to increase the efficiency of the fleet.

The most recent development within the field of asset tracking is the addition of a camera, which can look both out on the road and into the cockpit of the vehicle. The question which many businesses are asking themselves, is whether or not this new upgrade is worth it? The simple answer here is that if a business can afford it, they should upgrade, and here is why.

Lower Insurance Premiums

Insurance companies have already offered discounts on their premiums for businesses if they use fleet tracking devices, and the addition of cameras helps to drive the price down even further. Thanks to the dash cam, fault of accidents can be determined very quickly and theft becomes a far less likely scenario. As a result of this many insurance providers are happy to offer discounts for companies using this software.

Maximize Driver Safety

It is imperative that companies offer drivers the safest environment possible at work, and these cameras are able to help take that a step further. Through asset tracking devices, which have cameras, businesses can react quickly to incidents which involve drivers. Be this a health issue or even an attack, thanks to real time recording drivers can be observed and kept safe if any of these situations arise.

Better Driver Management

Idle time and poor vehicle management costs the business money, and thanks to the cameras installed on-board the vehicle, this can now be better managed. Not only does this save money, but it also greatly increases productivity in the business.

Create Driver Safety Videos

Using the footage which you are able to take from previous events and mistakes made by drivers, you will also be able to create your very own safety videos. This means that you can train your own drivers up to the correct standard using actual footage, and not staged events.

Driver Protection

Whilst the enormous amount of data which GPS tracking devices give you on driver behavior enables better management of the drivers, the data hasn’t always told the full story. With cameras, the numbers can be cross-referenced between the data and the actual footage to get a clearer picture of exactly what happened to drivers at certain time periods.

As mentioned in the introduction, if a business is able to afford to upgrade their fleet tracking equipment, then this is something which is highly recommended. The addition of the camera to asset tracking devices is yet another step forward in this field, and it can bring great benefits to your business and those working within it.