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Don Forman Nissan Continues With Helping During This Time Of The COVID-19 Pandemic

Don Forman Automotive remains at the forefront of the automotive industry during this trying time in the world. The COVID-19 outbreak has morphed into a pandemic that has affected millions of families across the nation and world. Countless industries have been impacted by the virus with numerous companies now out of business. Similarly, the emotional devastation continues to be a daily hindrance in the lives of so many families and individuals.

With all this in mind, Don Forman Nissan remains “united” in its efforts to help people deal with the COVID-19 pandemic as best as possible. The dealership offers a range of convenient services for new and existing car owners. These include true MSRP savings, drive-out deals, test drives, financing, trade-ins, and more. They also know how important it is to have reliable transportation, especially with everything going on with pandemic. This is why Don Forman Automative and his dedicated team stand behind all New and Certified Pre-owned Nissan Vehicles for work and daily errands.

From the Altima and Sentra to Versa, Nissan continues to receive great drivers reviews and industry ratings across the board. United Nissan showcases the latest in new autos, pre-owned certified cars, SUVs, electric — hybrid vehicles, commercial automobiles, and trucks at amazing prices. Don Forman United features industry-leading automotive specialists, diagnostics professionals, salespeople, and automotive enthusiast that love to drive and sell cars. They have the knowledge and experience to help you and yours find the right car within time and budget.

With a large inventory that is regularly updated, the Don Forman dealership is one of the top venues for new and pre-owned cars in Las Vegas. As a successful businessman, Don Forman also has a passion for philanthropic, charitable events. These include local blood drives, food drives, and assisting families and individuals with educational and business goals. Don puts this same passion into helping customers turn their car ownership or leasing dreams into realities.

The Nissan brand is world-renowned and synonymous with smooth driving and vehicular longevity. According to articles in U.S. News & World Report Best Cars reviews, Nissan remains competitively viable in the automotive industry. This global brand features compact SUVs, mid-size sedans, hybrids, and large trucks at competitive prices. Nissan is also at the top of the automotive ladder with Toyota and other leading brands.

If looking for a vehicle that fuel-efficient with great cargo space, Nissan is the way to go. Don Forman United Nissan has all the latest Nissan cars that are great for families, work, daily chores, and social activities. These vehicles feature innovative parts, cutting-edge components, and state-of-the-art smart systems for A/C, radio, and other controls. At a time where so many businesses are shutting down or afraid to reopen, Don Forman remains a beacon of excellence and hope in the automotive industry. As always, the Don Forman team is abiding by all rules and guidelines to ensure maximum safety for their customers, staff, and employees.

If you own a vehicle that needs servicing, Don Forman United has you covered. They have one of the largest automotive service centers in the region with the latest in diagnostics and repair equipment. From routine servicing and tire rotations to engine repairs and complete overhauls, they do it all. Their dedicated technicians are certified and specialize in servicing all Nissan makes and models. This gives you the peace of mind and reassurance you need to get back on the road safely.

The team at Don Forman Nissan even work around your schedule with flexible appointments. They also feature loaner cars and a range of discounts on services and repairs. This too is another reason why the dealership stands out from the rest during this trying time.