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Concept Cars We Pray Get Made One Day

Whilst some concept cars which are designed by car manufacturers do eventually find their way into mass production, the large percentage of them are unfortunately designs only, and never actually get produced. The reason behind concept cars is that they are design projects, car manufacturers looking to see where the limits are, what could be possible and seeing what kind of reaction they get from the public. Many features of concept cars are then implemented into new car models, which of course look very different by the time they’ve been made. These are some which we’d love to see put into production one day.

Buick Avista 

It isn’t just fancy sports cars which we see as concepts and this Buick Avista is a perfect example of a concept car coupe which we’d have just loved to have seen in production. Designed by Ed Welburn, the two door coupe has a sleek design and features a twin turbo V6 producing 400hp. The design was made to increase some buzz around the company, sadly it was never produced. 

Dome Zero 

There was one of these incredible sports cars produced and it actually raced at Le Mans, sadly it never saw the light of day. The wedged shaped sports car was complete with suicide doors, eyelid headlights and plush interior, how we’d have loved to have seen it on the road. 

Cadillac Ciel

Cadillac are without question the worst offenders when it comes to designing beautiful concept cars and then failing to put them into production, and the Ciel is the best example of this. A long, sloping luxurious vehicle, the Ciel was a four door convertible with traditional Cadillac style that would ensure the owner turned heads wherever they went, another one which we’ll never get to see. 

Lamborghini Estoque

The Estoque was designed with the intention of becoming the first ever practical car that the Italian sports car giants had produced for many years. The car featured the famous Lamborghini V-10, four doors, stunning interior and a design which was befitting of bearing the famous Lamb name. Clearly the Italian manufacturers felt that this was just too boring and it never saw the light of day. 

Chrysler Atlantic 

In early 1990s Chrysler showcased one of the most exciting cars that it had ever produced, the Atlantic. The car design was a clear throwback to those original grand prix cars, small, aerodynamic and powered by a monster 4 liter straight 8. Chrysler aren’t known for their love of creating cars which are so beautifully produced and so delicately designed, which is of course why the company never actually put it into production. Yet another car intended to build some hype around the company, rather than to thrill the waiting public. 

Which of these would you put into production if you could? Have we missed any off the list that you’d love to see? Let us know in the comments section.