Is GPS Tracking Technology on Fleet Cars Legal?

Fleet tracking software is absolutely critical for any logistics companies with many fleets. This kind of technology offers a wealth of benefits which make it a no-brainer for companies to use. The question which some have been asking of late is whether or not this kind of tracking technology is in fact legal when it comes to fleet cars.

With this in mind, let’s take a look at the benefits of fleet tracking software, and why it is in fact completely legal to use.

Benefits of Fleet Tracking Technology

Fleet tracking technology first and foremost offers increased security on fleet vehicles. This security is extended to both the driver with regards to their safety, and the vehicle itself, which can be recovered easily if stolen. The technology is also very helpful when it comes to helping companies to save money. Lower insurance premiums, easier vehicle maintenance and an improved approach to managing drivers is exactly why so many companies rely on fleet tracking tech in the business.

Data Protection Act

When it comes to questioning the legality of fleet management software, most will cite the Data Protection Act of 1998. This is the area of the law which deals with the rules around collecting and sharing of data of an individual. Now this is not a law which completely restricts the collection and sharing of data of a person, but rather a law which companies must bear in mind when they are actively retrieving and using the data provided by GPS fleet tracking.

The Key To Legality

Ultimately the key to making sure that this kind of data collection remains legal, is in the transparency of the agreement between driver and company. This is all made clear when the contract is signed by the new employee, who will be told exactly what information will be found, and exactly how that data is going to be used going forward. The only time that the legality of this agreement is called into question is if the business decides to use or share that data in a way which has not been agreed upon between them and the client.

Fleet Vehicles Used Outside of Work

It should be noted that if a fleet vehicle is used inside work by an employee and then outside of work on a company car basis, then there is clear division between what the employer can and can’t do. It will be agreed upon, again within the contract, that the moment the employee has finished their working day, the GPS tracking technology will be switched off and any data gathered will be unavailable. This is where it would certainly become illegal.

As you can see there is a fine line to tread here but the most important factor for all businesses to consider when using this tech, is that they are making absolutely everything transparent. The more transparent that things are, the more that they will be working on the right side of the law.