WTF! Revenge of dogs? Stray dogs destroy a Volkswagen Jetta in China


We cover several out of the box and sometimes bizarre stories from China. But this one is the wierdest of all! WTF! This is what exactly you might have uttered after seeing the title of this story. We also said the same!

Well, it’s true and can happen only in China, where a group of stray dogs damaged a Volkswagen Jetta.

Reports in some publications even suggest that the car’s owner had kicked a dog, who then returned with his friends and damaged the car! However, we don’t think so.

But shockingly they managed to bite the car, pulling out its front fenders, which are now bent completely.

The incident happened in Chongqing, China. The pictures wee clicked by the owner’s neighbour. What else? The fenders are totaled, the paint is clawed and one of the windshield wiper is detached!

The incident reminds me of the popular song: “Who let the dogs out?” My sympathy with the Jetta owner!

Post Author: Bindiya Bhatt

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