Watch Video: Lion attacks tourist vehicle in Karnataka’s Bannerghatta National Park

Lion attacks vehicle

When you go out on a jungle safari, it is obvious that you expect to be greeted by various types of animals – from a deer to a roaring lion, the king of jungle.

And since you take the risk of roaming in the kingdom of the king, be ready to expect the unexpected!

Call it expected or unexpected, but the incident that we are going to share with you is scary as hell. Some tourists, who were enjoying a jungle safari at the Bannerghatta National Park near Bengaluru in Karnataka, were attacked by a Lion.

A terrifying video showing the lion attacking a tourist car has gone viral on social media.

The video shows a male lion jumping on their car as his female counterpart stands on the other side of the vehicle and looks on. The video was recorded by people in another vehicle just behind the car attacked by the lion.

No one was injured in the incident, thankfully.

The lion is seen trying to climb on the SUV and his front paws reach on top of the SUV. He also tries to bite the glass of the car with his teeth.

Surprisingly, when the lion backs out, the car then stops again after a very short distance. Those recording the video even ask why the car had halted after the scary incident.

“The attack took place on January 28 or 29. The driver is clearly at fault. He should never have stopped the car, which he probably did to please the visitors. We’ve removed him from safari duty,” Santosh Kumar from the Bannerghatta Biological Park told The Times of India.

Below is the video which is doing rounds on social media:

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