Watch: Michael Jackson’s ‘A Place With No Name’ features a Jeep Wrangler [Video]


Michael Jackson, the King of Pop, might have passed away but he still lives in the hearts of millions. The singer’s music video for the second single of posthumous album Xscape “A Place With No Name” has been released by his Twitter handle.

The music video has been directed by Samuel Bayer. Two people are seen dancing in the video, while a man drives a Jeep Wrangler. It also shows some rare footage that were shot during his 1991 In the Closet video production.

Jeep’s new summer ad campaign had recently featured the Epic Records recently released song “Love Never Felt So Good” and it has the late pop singer’s tunes.

Jackson’s “A Place With No Name” music video was exclusively showcased worldwide using the late singer’s Twitter account.

The video was also shown on the enormous screen in Times Square, New York.

A beach and the desert are seen in the clip a female and Jackson are seen dancing. Footage shot 12-years-ago has also been used as Michael Jackson sings, “As I drove across on the highway/ My jeep began to rock.”

Watch video, it will touch your heart for sure! Out tributes to the legendary pop star, RIP MJ!

Post Author: Dinesh Chandra

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