Watch: Height of carelessness! Mother films her dancing kids while driving, crashes in seconds

Car crash

To keep yourself safe on road you just need to take care of few simple things. What we all do while driving is put the seatbelts on, adjust the mirrors but what is the most essential thing is you remain alert and careful and keep your eyes on the road. 

Unfortunately, the following video shows a mother who has displayed height of carelessness while driving. Not just this she also put her and her kids’ life into danger!

The video shows two happy kids dancing to a song at the back and a happy mother filming them. However, in the name of safety, at least she did not forget to put on their seatbelts.

Seconds later, the woman crashes and the car gets filled with white smoke as the daughter asks “what happened?”.

The video is an year old but we shared it to convey a message – drive safely, and never use your cell phone while driving.

It looks like the family escaped unhurt in the accident and we are sure the mom must have learnt a good lesson for life!

Be safe guys!

Post Author: Sangeeta Pandey

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