Video | Skunlock: First bike lock that fights back with the thieves coming soon


Bike theft is a common problem across the world. The nasty thieves use all the tricks and manage to steal the bikes even if they are secured with locks or chains.

But now, a startup is coming up with a solution to this problem as it is planning to launch the first U-lock that fights back.

It’s a child’s play for the thieves to break the traditional locks even during the broad daylight.

Daniel Idzkowski’s bring a solution – U-lock which has been named – The Skunklock. It appears like a regular immobilizing device, but if you try to tamper with it, it suddenly release a nasty substance.

The hardened medium-carbon steel U-lock is difficult to cut and hence provides proper safety. The nasty substance is a pressurized noxious chemical deterrent which if burst out will cause vomit in the majority of cases.

The Skunlock has been designed to never release the chemicals inside it during normal operation. It only releases the vomit-inducing stank if cut down.

The Skunlock will hit production soon and the deliveries will start in June.

Watch video below to know all about the Skunlock.

Post Author: Diya P

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