Victoria Beckham edition Range Rover Evoque is extremely glamorous

Posh Evoque

When Victoria Beckham signed on as the Celebrity Creative Director for Range Rover, we knew she will get the best of the Evoque. You must be wondering if she received her joining bonus. Well we know for sure that something has come up and it looks special.

A new glamorous SUV has been wrapped out and it does have that glitz about it. Sporting a matte black paint which gets high contrasts on the backdrop of gloss black and rose-gold trim. Vintage-finish tan leather, with mohair floor mats and a microsuede headliner gets the interior going.

To sweeten the deal it has a four-piece set of fitted leather luggage, and a leather portfolio carrying the owner’s manual and bearing Victoria Beckham’s own signature. It is a suitable result of the combination of stardom and design. 200 such vehicles have been planned. We will bring you more pictures of the matte Evoque but till then satisfy yourselves with the ones we have. Posh had her own way, a posh car.

Source: Autoblog Via Land Rover

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