Twitter removes over 1.43 lakh apps; tightens process for developers


Twitter has removed more than 1.43 lakh applications between April and June this year as part of its crackdown on spam and misuse of its platform. According to Twitter, these apps violated its policies.

Twitter said in order to counter challenges ranging from “spam and malicious automation to surveillance and invasions of privacy” that the platform and its users face, it is taking additional steps.

“Between April and June 2018, we removed more than 143,000 apps which violated our policies, and we’re continuing to invest in building out improved tools and processes to help us stop malicious apps faster and more efficiently,” Twitter said in a statement.

It asserted that it does not tolerate the use of its tools “to produce spam, manipulate conversations, or invade the privacy of people using Twitter”.

Twitter said it has allowed developers to access its APIs since 2006, which enables them to access the platform’s application programming interface to build their own apps on the microblogging site.

Twitter said it is introducing a new way for all developers to request access to its APIs.

“These changes enable us to have more visibility and control over how developers use our platform and public data from the people using our service, and are intended to help address spam and platform abuse and keep the Twitter service safe and secure for everyone,” it added.

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