Already taken: Google can’t use as BMW owns the domain

Technology giant Google is doing some serious changes as it is going to break its assets into two companies and we all know that. So, now Gmail, YouTube and other some Google stuff will function under Alphabet. Well, this new name has bring trouble for Google as domain is already taken by BMW. And we […]

Mahindra planning self driving cars?

Indian automaker Mahindra and Mahindra rules the sports utility vehicle (SUV) segment in the country. Well, the piece of news is that the Mahindra will reportedly be joining the bandwagon of big brands Audi, Google, Mercedes Benz, Tesla and BMW to become the latest automaker working on self-driving cars! Self-driving cars are capable of driving around without manual […]

Engineering students develop spherical drive motorcycle [Video]

Max Ratner, Henry Li and Andrew Parmar – this talented trio of mechanical engineering students belonging to the San Jose University have come up with a highly ambitious project. One year back they started working on a concept, wherein they applied an omnidirectional drive system to a motorbike. These students took the inspiration from a […]

Honda develops world’s first technology for traffic congestion detection and prevention

Cars are increasing in numbers, unfortunately out planet’s dimensions are still the same. This unbalance is the prime cause of congested roads and traffic jams. Sooner or later we will have to put a stop to everything and find a solution for this. No, wait we might not have to do it, because Honda claims […]

Beware car thieves! Japanese students develop car seat that identifies driver using ‘butt’ print

When I come to hear of this feature, a dog like creature immediately crossed. Predators follow the smell to reach their prey but you are no prey to this technology but a very unusual concept of fixing the stereotypical characteristics of your bum by a computer, to know you are regular person or not who […]