Engineering students in India design solar-powered car

A hybrid solar car has been designed by the students of an engineering college in Andhra Pradesh, India. It has been a trend now a days that every college encourages its students to do something that is out of the league and still feasible. In view of that there have many demonstrations by students who […]

Avenir: Delhi Technological University students invent solar car [Video]

Forget oil prices or the trouble of finding alternative solutions to energy. India is making strides into inventing the car of the future and they are bent upon emerging as the front runner in inventing solar cars. A team of students from Delhi Technical University emphasize on India’s determination to excel in this field. They […]

Project Superbus: Students take their vehicle out on snow for brake testing [Video/Photo Gallery]

It’s been in development for 5 years now and even though the magnanimity of the vehicle would make you think otherwise, it’s for real. The Project Superbus by students from Universityof Delft, Hollandis hard to swallow as a feasible option. The 49 foot long and 5.6 feet high vehicle that runs on electricity, has the […]