PM Modi rides Self-Driving Car in Masdar

Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who was in UAE on a two-day visit, also toured Masdar, Abu Dhabi, where he enjoyed a demo ride in a Self-Driving Car. He visited Masdar, a zero-carbon smart city, before addressing a gathering of 50,000 Indian community members in Dubai. The self-driving car operates under Masdar city’s Private Rapid Transit […]

‘Titan’? Apple reportedly working on self-driving electric car

Apple is planning to enter the self-driving car market as the technology giant is reportedly working on an electric car. An auto industry source suggests that Apple is in discussions with experts at carmakers and automotive suppliers. Apple makes phones, computers as well as watches and now it is eyeing the automotive world. Yes, it […]

Blind people will drop you home: Google’s self driving car will make it possible

Although searching is what we identify Google with, their latest innovation can very well go down in history as the best Goggle offered to the world. Company’s Self Driving technology promises to allow Blind people behind the wheel, as the technology takes over all the functions that a human driver required to do. Self Driingahs […]