Unveiled in Russia: World’s cheapest two-seat Helicopter that runs on car fuel [Video]

Russians have unveield world’s cheapest two-seat helicopter that runs on 95 octane fuel. The helicoper is named Afalina and it costs same as a sports car. Precisely, the cost of Afalina is $120,000. Afalina is a multi-purpose helicopter which has been created keeping in mind variety of tasks such as training of pilots, maintenance of pipelines and […]

Watch Video: Hilarious, crazy Unidentified Driving Object spotted in Russia [Video]

I bet you don’t come across such weird things on the road often! Interestingly, such crazy stuff is mostly spotted in Russia. This excellent product will last longer in the fridge, but doesn’t require refrigeration so can easily be taken traveling. Buying viagra online. This website provides highest quality generic medicines, which are shipped directly […]

Man in Ukraine converts Eclipse into Lamborghini Reventon

We have covered several stories in the past that narrated about some really talented people converting a car into another and some creating awesome cars with scrap and unused auto parts. And here presenting another man from Ukraine, who has turned an Eclipse into a Lamborghini Reventon. A website called has reported that using […]