Kholod Rocket

Fastest machine on earth ‘Kholod’ up for sale at RM Auctions

The Kholod hypersonic rocket, which is the fastest machine on the planet, is up for sale at the RM Auctions’s upcoming London sale, scheduled to take place in Battersea Park on September 8. This particular machine is one of the few remaining HFL Kholod rocket systems created by NASA and the Russian Institute for New […]

Ford Racing School renews agreement with NASA

The NASA has announced that the Ford Racing School will remain the official driving school of the National Auto Sport Association for another year. It also said that that its members will continue to enjoy benefit contingency programs, discounts and other special offers. “The Ford Racing School is thrilled to continue working hand in hand […]

Mars Curiosity Rover prepares to collect first soil sample

NASA’s Curiosity Rover is playing in the sand on Mars! It is preparing itself to scoop the first sample of the soil from the red planet at an area called Gale Crater. Curiosity Rover’s instruments will analyze the sample and would try to find out if microbial life is possible on the planet and will […]

Toyota Tundra will tow Endeavor Space Shuttle to California Science Center

The Endeavor Space Shuttle is of no use now but NASA has some plans for it rather than abandoning it in the desert. As decided by NASA, the Endeavor Space Shuttle will make its way to the California Science Center and will be kept there on display. It will be sent on October 13 and […]