PM Modi rides Self-Driving Car in Masdar

Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who was in UAE on a two-day visit, also toured Masdar, Abu Dhabi, where he enjoyed a demo ride in a Self-Driving Car. He visited Masdar, a zero-carbon smart city, before addressing a gathering of 50,000 Indian community members in Dubai. The self-driving car operates under Masdar city’s Private Rapid Transit […]


Obama in India: US President’s 60-vehicle carcade in Delhi included two Beasts

So, finally the much-awaited, much-talked about day came when US President Barack Obama landed in Delhi on a three-day visit to India. As many as 60 vehicles, including a Beast that carried Obama and another armoured presidential limousine, escorted the President of the US on the Indian roads on Sunday. The Delhi Police vehicles were […]