Watch Video: Beautiful models take joyrides in Ferrari 458, Lamborghini Huracan and Aventador

And we are back again with ‘cars and girls’! Here is a video that features three supercars – Lamborghini Huracan, Ferrari 458 Italia, and Lamborghini Aventador. Exotic Racing, a company founded by a racing driver and located near the Las Vegas Speedway, has created this video. The video shows three beautiful models – Madena, Eunice […]

Maria Toyota Supra

Watch Video: Hot Maria plays $100 bill game while taking a joyride in 1,200 HP Toyota Supra

We have showed you several videos in the past showing hot girls and hot cars. A really sexy and beautiful girl taking a joyride in a speeding car is something people, specially guys, love to watch, don’t you? Well, this time the eye candy is a girl named Maria, who is playing the $100 bill […]

Watch Video: Eye Candy – Sexy Dayanis Garcia takes a ride in Arial Atom

Remember Dayanis Garcia? Well, she is the sexy Cuban model, who took a joyride in a Nissan GT-R and Evo IX back in 2012. She was seen wearing nothing buy viagra on internet but an animal print bikini! Well, the bombshell is back again buying viagra without prescription with the guys at ThatRacingChannel. This time, […]

Eye Candy: Bikini babe gets a joyride in 900 HP Evo IX [Video]

Since you read us regularly, you have seen a couple of hot ladies soaring up temperatures inside some fast vehicles. Well, the fun thing is neither you nor me have gotten bored of it. Frankly Jennie is still fresh in my mind. This trend has caught up you know. Making pretty faces take a ride […]