TomTom releases new Navigation App for iPhone5

Keeping in mind the large screen of the iPhone 5, TomTom has updated its navigation app for the iPhone. TomTom recently released a new update for its iPhone navigation app, with the new development being designed to take advantage of the larger screen that can be found on the iPhone 5. The new app has […]

Video: Lexus introduces Tori 500 iPhone app racing game [Image Gallery]

We told you about the latest Lexus stunt to promote the Lexus GS. Remember that curvy track drawn around the curvaceous sports illustrated swimsuit model. Yeah! Now you get it. Well first of all the diva there is named Tori Parver. Second of all, Lexus is leaving no stone unturned to promote GS. Their first […]

Nissan unveils world’s first self-healing Scratch Shield iPhone case

Technology developed for one sector being used for another sectors is not a new phenomenon but not many of may have heard about the innovations made for automotive sector coming of use in the Information Technology sector (read cell phones). Scratch Shield Paint Technology developed for its vehicles by Nissan have now been used on […]