Samsung Galaxy Note 9

Samsung unveils teaser for Galaxy Note 9 highlighting battery, storage, speed

Samsung Electronics Co. unveiled teaser videos for the upcoming Galaxy Note 9 smartphone and highlighted improved performances in terms of battery, storage capacity, and speed. The South Korean tech giant advertised the showcase event slated for August 9 through three different video clips and titled ‘A lot can change in a day’ According to reports, […]

Nickel-Iron Battery used by Thomson Edison gets a new life

Before lithium-ion batteries became the most powerful thing in our lives, Thomson Edison used the nickel-iron batteries to power his EVs way back in the 19th century. People at Stanford University are trying to revive the old technology. The reason nickel-iron batteries were done away with is because they took too much time to charge and […]

BMW and Toyota join hands for the next-gen lithium-ion battery

  Finally BMW and Toyota have joined hands as they inked the deal, in which they wi viagra for sale london ll collaborate with each other for research in the field of next generation lithium-ion battery. Both these companies have tried to be a major force in the electric car segment and to benefit from […]