Skimpily clad models banned at Shanghai Auto Show

So finally, 2015 Shanghai Auto Show sans beautiful models! Yes, you heard that right. In a disappointment for many admirers of beautiful and skimpily clad models at the Shanghai Auto Show, the gorgeous girls have been banned from the event. The organisers of Shanghai Auto Show, which is China’s biggest auto show, had announced back […]

Check out the hot girls at Geneva Motor Show 2015

The Geneva Motor Show 2015 witnessed numerous new launches from supercars to hybrid SUVs. Apart from the cars, as usual, what added to the glitz and glamour, you know? Yeah, those beautiful, stunning models. While China has decided to carry out the auto show events sans the beauties, Geneva, Paris, Detroit and many others don’t […]

Videos Aplenty: Heels winning over Wheels at the 2012 Tokyo Auto Salon [Image Gallery]

Tokyo Auto Salon is the home for Local tuning industry to showcase their mettle. This year it’s been a little subdued, due to unknown reasons. A big presentation or an eye-catching tune is missing from the party in 2012. Neither has anything been the talk of town. But tuned cars always have an impact; because […]