BMW Smart Charging App for i3 and i8 now available for Electronauts

BMW has announced that the Smart Charging App for the most eco-friendly cars in the world, the i3 and i8, is now available for the Electronauts. For those who don’t know, the Electronauts are electric vehicle enthusiasts. They had leased a BMW ActiveE as part of the company’s field trial that began in 2012. Many […]

Gaming: Automation releases engine builder demo [Video]

You have won all the racing games and there is no trick that you cannot carry off. Roads are your slaves now and the joystick has been mastered. Well, then here is a new challenge. A new game, called Automation which can allow players to build their own car company is in development and they […]

Video: Volkswagen releases new Beetle Apple app ‘VWJuicedUp’

With cellphone applications gaining immense popularity and being used as tools to promote products and services, how could the automakers ignore them and be behind in the race? Few days after Toyota launched the FT-86 app, Volkswagen Canada has also entered the apps world with the launch of an interactive app. Christened “VWJuicedUp”, this app […]