Stoner and Rossi’s Ducati race bikes are up for sale

Ducati GP11 VR

Two Desmosedici GP race bikes will be among the many which will be auctioned at the RM auctions 2012Monacosale. GP10 the prized possession of Cassey Stoner and GP11 the bike of “II Doctore”, Valentino Rossi himself are the two bikes for Auction.

Rossi’s Ducati was built in 5 days spanning from December 6th 10 to December 10th 2010, and it also has a podium position to its credits at Le Mans, France in May 2011.

“The release of two very special machines like these is an extremely rare occasion for us, so the lucky buyer must not only enter into a confidentiality agreement, but also become a close member of the ‘Ducati family’!” said Ducati Corse General and Technical Director, Filippo Preziosi. “The Desmosedici GP10 and GP11 were two very interesting bikes in our GP project history and therefore will represent exciting opportunities for serious collectors.”

“Ducati represents the pinnacle of two-wheeled desirability with a reputation for world-beating performance and unmistakable design. We are very excited to be working with yet another leading manufacturer and to have this exclusive opportunity to offer items that are not normally available to the public. The sale offers a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to acquire very unique pieces of Ducati history, not to be missed,” stated Peter Wallman, specialist at RM Auctions –Europe.

Ducati seems to be on a selling spree including the company itself, but no one will complain. It’s not everyday that you get historically important bikes at an auction.

Ducati GP10 VR
Ducati GP10 VR

Via: Autoevolution

Photo credit: Ducati


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