Renault Duster compact SUV enjoys success in India


Renault as an individual Auto manufacturer launched Fluence sedan in India, which was not a ground breaking success, but the recent launch of compact SUV Duster has brought in great dividends for the company. Within weeks of its launch it has hit the 10,000 mark and it is increasing every day. This demand means Renault needs to increase its production.

Since the main competitors of Duster, the Mahindra Scorpio SUV and XUV500 crossover are available off the shelf, Renault needs to make sure it has the ability to supply cars with minimum waiting period. During times of high fuel prices, high interest rates and struggling economy, Duster has emerged as a great SUV at a reasonable price. This seems fair to people and hence they are looking forward to buying one. Its demand may signal towards an increase in its price, but it will be interesting to see what the people’s response is when the prices are increased.

Earlier also the concept of low introductory price has been successful to first establish the car and then even when it sees price rise, people are convinced enough to buy the car. Duster has a slew of features along with its introductory low price that has caught everyone’s attention. High ground clearance, compact and luxurious, duster fits the bill of an urban family. 7.19 lakhs is not a great price to be asked and hence Duster is here to stay.

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