OMG! Couple caught making love on the roof of a car in Florida

Car love

Now, this is disgusting! A couple was caught making it out on the roof of a dealership car! Yes, this is a true incident, which took place in West Palm Beach, Florida at Mike’s Auto Sales on the Dixie Highway. 

According to an eye witness, he spotted a couple making love on the roof of one of the cars at the dealership at 3:00 am. He immediately called 911.

The man says the couple began yelling at him after seeing him. According to reports, the couple carried on their act even as the officers arrived at the scene.

couple on car roof

While the teenaged girl (18-year-old) has been identified as Erin Byrd, the youth is 29-year old Ramon Mitchell. Reports say, the couple was annoyed due to the interruption.

Reports say the couple was taken into custody soon, According to the officers, Mitchell even spit in the face of the investigators.

Byrd has now been set free, but her boyfriend is still behind bars, reports said.

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