Nimbus e-Car is an awesome adventure vehicle [Pics]

Nimbus e-Car

Meet Numbus e-Car, a brain child of Brazilian Eduardo Galvani from Hemisferio Criativo, who has designed this concept electric vehicle.

Nimbus e-Car, which resembles a deep sea driving machine, is an out-of-the-box concept. The vehicle also looks somewhat like an old Volkswagen Bulli, thanks to its bubble-like structure.

Though it looks like a Volkswagen Camper bus, but Eduardo Galvani wants it to look like a nerdy and futuristic, just like a steampunk airship.

The Numbus features a rear-mounted hybrid engine which provides power to a lightweight vehicle [1,620 kg (3570 lbs)] made using carbon-fiber and aluminum. The vehicle has an ability to achieve a top speed of 130 to 160 km/h (80 to 100 mph) and it does a 100 km/h sprint in 13 seconds.

It will come with four different driving modes, adjustable seats as well as storage compartments.

The Nimbus also packs a host of features like Wi-Fi, 4 USB ports and a 12-volt power outlet.

Post Author: Sangeeta Pandey

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