Mitsubishi: Back with the Eclipse!

Mitsubishi Eclipse

Mitsubishi, amongst the Japanese automakers is considered largely as next to the likes of Subaru and Suzuki, and also relegated as behind the top-notch sellers like those of Toyota, Honda, and Nissan in the United States. As per the latest news, this Diamond Star automaker will have a lineup of consisting only three model lines.

Although both its previous beauties Eclipse and Galant are discontinued but if sources are to be believed these will soon be shining high with their full potential. For having sold more than a million units way back in 1989, Mitsubishi Eclipse surely justifies the claims of being the most successful Japanese sports car in the U.S market. This added up fuel to the rival automakers like Toyota and Sabaru , and has compelled them to bring about new entries in competition to Mitsubishi’s potential re-entry in the sports car world!

Though Eclipse has its own popularity quotient to fall back on, poor Galant may find it difficult to make it to the best sellers. Galant being more practical and a staple model will find its way tough in lieu of the preference of the midsize sedans for most parts in North America. Till then the Mitsubishi legacy will have to manage with the ‘eclipse’ of  Eclipse, Galant and Endeavor and continue with their Lancer and Outlander (and incoming i-MiEV) alone!

Source: Autoblog via Ward’s Auto

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