Manchester United team cruises Beverly Hills in Chevy Convoy

Manchester United Chevy

Chevy is “getting its kicks” in Los Angeles with UK football team Manchester United. The company has a seven year $560,000 Million sponsorship with the team.

The football players cruised through Beverly Hills in a Chevy Convoy ahead of the pre-season contest against the Los Angeles Galaxy.

It was a fun time for the team as they got behind the wheels of Chevrolet vehicles and drove through the iconic Tinseltown locales.

Among the famous film and residential landmarks the team visited included the former home of Angelina Jolie, residences of Bill Cosby, Bob Dylan, Lana Turner, Steve Martin, Aldous Huxley and Lucille Ball.

Manchester United Chevy

They also cruised around Mick Jagger’s home located near the residences of Michael Jackson, Frank Sinatra, and Howard Hughes.

The vehicles that were driven by the players included Camaro Convertible, the Corvette Stingray and Impala.

Source: Bader Media

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