Justin Timberlake spotted in Audi Q7


We were so proud to see the god looking Justin Timberlake riding the amazing Pontiac GTO. It proved that celebrities have taste in cars too. But recent sightings reflect badly again as Justin was seen around an Audi Q7. Yes, a Q7 that too a diesel version which has the smallest engine available.

It is a little harsh on Justin as the car actually belongs to his would be wife Jessica Biel, but none the less it is a downgrade to seen with a Pontiac GTO and Q7 in a week. Well, Biel needs to get some better cars and her choice in guys definitely doesn’t reflect in her choice of cars.

But there is nothing Justin can do, can he. Why would he risk making Jessica angry? He doesn’t mind going around in an Audi Q7 till Biel’s happy.

Source: Autoevolution

Photo Via Worldofjustin

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