Beware car thieves! Japanese students develop car seat that identifies driver using ‘butt’ print

Car Seat

When I come to hear of this feature, a dog like creature immediately crossed. Predators follow the smell to reach their prey but you are no prey to this technology but a very unusual concept of fixing the stereotypical characteristics of your bum by a computer, to know you are regular person or not who drives this car. This wonder is done by the students of Advanced Institute of Industrial Technology in Tokyo, Japan. The technology works by putting no more than 360 points through which the pressure of the posterior is mapped. The success rate of the technology was at the 98 percent levels which sounds impressive.

Car Seat Concept

This technology could very well save the theft attempts made by the burglars on cars. The initial tests of these technologies were only done on 6 people and due to such small a number of tests conducted, no dependable claim on the technology could be made. I have positive hunches, that these technologies may find some positive feedback and takers after all.

Source: TechCrunch

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