Jackie Chan Special Edition Lamborghini Aventador unveiled in China

Jackie Chan Special Edition Lamborghini Aventador

Jackie Chan is a name that needs no introduction, but many of us know him as a martial arts actor. But the actor is also an amazing human being and is known for his dedication towards good cause.

Jackie Chan takes part in a number of charitable activities in his home country, China. The legend celebrated his 60th birthday recently. On the occasion, a Special Edition Lamborghini Aventador was presented at an event in Beijing.

The Jackie Chan Edition was recently built with the help of the Lamborghini Ad Personam personalization program. The car comes with Chinese characters for “dragon” on the mirrors and headrests, while “Nero Ade” wheels and “Rosso Alala” interior leather make it unique.

The supercar will be auctioned off for charity, impress.jp reports, adding, the money raised will go to the China Film Institute “Jackie Chan Charity Fund” to develop the China’s film industry.

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