LOL! Hyundai involves in Monkey Business for its new i30 Hatchback [Video/Photo Gallery]

Hyundai i30 Monkeys

Hyundai did something crazy while testing the build quality of their car and guess from the attention this testing hogged it has been successful. They let loose 40 monkeys on their new i30 Hatchback also known as 2013 Elantra GT in North America. While it doesn’t matter now if testing was successful, because it has captured a lot of attention.

Hyundai did some research before going for this stunt. Knowsley Safari Park, home to several dozen baboons, renowned for destroying visitors’ cars was chosen as the place of testing. Back up a little in history and you will remember how they thrashed Wayne Rooney’s vehicle when he visited the Merseyside attraction last year.

So they kept one Silver i30 in the park, and rest was left for the monkeys to do. In the end the car came out victorious with a few scratches.

“The fact that it survived with only a few scrapes is testament to the way a modern Hyundai is designed and engineered. We really do give a monkey’s about building tough cars!” she added.

In return for the scratches or in return for the help in testing Hyundai donated £1,000 to one of Knowsley Park’s supported charities, the Primate Society of Great Britain.

“For a baboon, to have a car to play with for a whole day is manna from heaven!” explained David Ross, General Manager at Knowsley Safari Park. “I’ve seen thousands of cars pass through this enclosure, get mobbed by monkeys, and none have lasted the distance as well as this Hyundai.”

Now this is some serious testing done in a fun way and if Rooney buys one of these, he can park his car there without any fears.



Via: Carscoop

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