Honda develops world’s first technology for traffic congestion detection and prevention


Cars are increasing in numbers, unfortunately out planet’s dimensions are still the same. This unbalance is the prime cause of congested roads and traffic jams. Sooner or later we will have to put a stop to everything and find a solution for this. No, wait we might not have to do it, because Honda claims to have found a solution for this.

The system which will do this amazing task relies on ACC (Adaptive Cruise Control) and a cloud server. In a combined effort the system will monitor a driver’s acceleration and deceleration pattern and on that basis determine whether his style of driving can be a cause of traffic jams. Too futuristic, but since they say it we will digest it.

The testing has been aided by the Research Center for Advanced Science and Technology at the University of Tokyo. After all the testing and all the number games they have concluded that the system incorporates an increase of 23% in average speed and 8% in fuel efficiency.

It doesn’t provide the driver with any congestion avoidance information; it just monitors the driving pattern and sync’s up the data on a cloud server with data received from other users as well. The whole concept is a very promising and if Honda is even close to what they say, it is a huge step in making the lives in major cities better.

Via: World.Honda

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