Gwen Stefani almost crushed by back door of her G-Class Mercedes


Mercedes G-Wagon is the car for the classy people. Most of the high profiles find it appealing. Mercedes has tried to get rid of the vehicle, but they cannot stop it from selling and hence they cannot pull the plug on its production. In its journey of 33 years, G-Wagon has become more and more exclusive.

The rare thing about the vehicle is that it is hand assembled in Austria using all the traditional methods. The car is heavy alright, but ask those who know and they will tell you that each and every part of the G is heavy. Still don’t believe it, take a look at Gwen Stefani almost crushed by the back door of her G-Wagon.

Since it wasn’t intended to kill her, it did not but it can. Well all we can say is Gwen be careful with your G. We like what your choice is and hopefully we would see in the latest G65, because not everyone can afford that, but you can.


Source: Autoevolution

Photo Credit:  Celebritycarsblog

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