French students create world’s most efficient car Microjoule

A team of students from France have created apparently the most efficient petrol vehicle in the world and have also won the 2014 Shell Eco-marathon, notably for the 21st time.


The French students are from the Technical School at La Joliverie College in Nantes. Their project is called the Microjoule and it began more than 20 years ago.

Shell had organized a competition, the eco-marathon, in 1985 and the project was the school’s team entry. The competition is aimed to bring forth the students teams across the world to design, build and test ultra energy-efficient vehicles.

And this team won the contest not one, not two and not three but 21 times and broke more than one record, thus becoming one of the best teams.

The Microjoule broke the all-time Shell Eco-marathon record in 2009 after running the furthest on a single litter of petrol – 3,771 km.

This year’s competition was held in May in Rotterdam, Netherlands. The team outclassed as many as 200 participant teams from 25 different countries. Carbon fiber was used to build the car and its creators say they are working hard to improve the Microjoule car.

Low tyre and air resistance and a low drag coefficient together help achieve the fuel efficiency of the car.

In this year’s competition,  it was found out after testing that the vehicle could do 2,072 miles (3,330 km) using only one litter of gasoline.

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