French man turns his broken Citroen into a bike in the middle of the desert


The freaky chopper that you can see above was hand built by a Frenchman named Emile when his Citroen broke down in the middle of the northwestern African Desert. He built the mototcycle without using any tools.

Here is the short version of what happened. Due to some military conflicts in the area, Emile was asked to stop. Since he did not want to wait there he took a long route around the conflicted area. As fate would have it, just after taking the other path, awing arm on his vehicle snapped. Standing there without hope of any help, he decides to rip down his bike and build a new bike with the parts.

French man turns his broken Citroen into a bike

He had no means to do it, but he accomplished this impressive feat by drilling holes by bending metal and then sawing it and then un-bending it to be flat again.

The whole thing took twelve days to complete. One can search more about the amazing traveler and see how he did this.

French man turns his broken Citroen into a bike


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