Forest Whitaker spotted in his Black Porsche Panamera


We are so keen on being seen and heard, this is the exact opposite in case of stars. They just like to have a quiet and private life, mainly because they are already too much in the public eye.  Well as it turns out cars play a major part in keeping their lives private.

Aesthetic benefits and privacy are the major players when people go for a completely blacked out car. Forest Whitaker’s Porsche Panamera is a huge improvement over his earlier Toyota Prius plus for privacy reasons it’s completely blacked out.


Panamera has everything a person would need and if he needs something extra, it has that extra on offer. Yes, the back is completely out of line but rest is fine as far a nice car would go. In fact the blacked out look suits it completely. And at last if there is any issue with it, it is owned by a celebrity, of course it looks good.

Source: Autoevolution

Photo Credit: Celebritycarsblog

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