Fastest machine on earth ‘Kholod’ up for sale at RM Auctions

Kholod Rocket

The Kholod hypersonic rocket, which is the fastest machine on the planet, is up for sale at the RM Auctions’s upcoming London sale, scheduled to take place in Battersea Park on September 8.

This particular machine is one of the few remaining HFL Kholod rocket systems created by NASA and the Russian Institute for New Propellants (CIAM). This was part of a $95 million joint venture project.

The term ‘Kholod’ means ‘cold’ in Russian and the name was given to the rocket because cryogenically cooled liquid hydrogen stored at 30 degrees Kelvin (-243C/-405F) powers it. The aforementioned technology is often called the “scramjet”.

The Kholod rocket was given a size that could replace the explosive warhead of an anti-aircraft missile. The jet engine pulls the rocket. The Kholod sucks air via an inlet, compresses and sends it to a combustion chamber.

The fastest Kholod reached a speed of MACH 6.47, 4,310 mph (6,936 km/h). Though the buyer can’t enjoy the rocket ride, but owning the fastest “serial produced” machine that traveled through Earth atmosphere, is no joke.

Total nine Kholods were ever built out of which five were destroyed during tests. One from the rest four is in the Middle East, two are at the Kazahstan test sites and one is up for sale.

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