Engineering students develop spherical drive motorcycle [Video]

Spherical Drive Motorcycle

Max Ratner, Henry Li and Andrew Parmar – this talented trio of mechanical engineering students belonging to the San Jose University have come up with a highly ambitious project. One year back they started working on a concept, wherein they applied an omnidirectional drive system to a motorbike.

These students took the inspiration from a balancing robot and the self-balancing technology and thought of using the principals in a motorcycle.

They worked very hard on the project as it clearly seems and the result is this outstanding piece. The bike is equipped with three electric motors, which control the spheres and some software has been used which keeps the rig at its place.

The bike has a zero turning radius and can change direction.

“This is more of a proof of concept. We want to show that something like this is actually possible, Parmar said. Check out the image gallery and the video to have a closer look at this awesome bike.



News/Image Source: Spherical Drive Systems

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