Eating while driving is more dangerous than using cellphone

Eating while driving

Well, quit some of your focus from driving towards anything and you are in trouble. University of Leeds has recently published an Article titled “Two Hands Better Than One”. The aim of the articles is to raise awareness about the dangers of doing anything apart from driving while driving.

It includes talking on the phone, drinking and even the innocent eating. Using a simulator, they found that reaction times increased by 22% while drinking from a can of soda or a coffee and by as much as 44% when eating and driving. A 37% increase in the reaction time was also noted for drivers texting while at the wheel and, surprisingly, an 0.08 blood alcohol level only increased reaction times by 12.5%.

Now they have come up with some very hard facts and proofs and it all makes sense. Multitasking is not the best option always, while you drive try just to drive and enjoy it fully and remember “Two Hands Better Than One”.

Via: Autoevolution

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