DRIVING LESSONS: Some key points for the beginners to learn car driving

driving lessons

Driving a car is a dream for many and nightmare for some who fear going for it as it appears to be very difficult. However, it is not a rocket science and anybody can learn it. All you need is confidence, passion and a will to learn. VehiclePassion is bringing a series of driving lessons for all those who want to learn the basics of driving. We hope you will soon drive flawlessly on the streets.

To begin with, let’s make you familiar with some key points that would be described in detail in next lessons (Part1, Part2, Part3…).

1. To learn driving a car or a vehicle, first of all you need to understand the understand about the controls and get comfortable with them. You must know the functionality of each control.

2. The main controls that drive a car are:

a) The clutch

b) The Beak

c) The Accelerator

d) Gear

e) Steering

3. Start your car while with your right foot on the brake and the clutch is pushed fully with your left foot.

4. You should hold the steering wheel correctly and should know what the blinkers are meant for.

5. Drive defensively, use the correct lane and control the speed limits. You must be fully aware of the traffic rules.

6. Master advance techniques like parallel parking, driving in heavy traffic and using U-turns and roundabouts.

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