Donald Trump gets an astonishing custom gold bike from Orange County Choppers

Trump Bike

People know Donald Trump, he is a billionaire, what is known to a few is his possession and obsession of gold. So when Trump was on the show American Chopper: Senior vs Junior, Paul Teutul knew what gift would lighten up Trump’s face. In fact he rode that gift to the show, and the gift is an astonishing bike.

Senior’s Orange County Choppers built a custom motorcycle especially for Mr. Trump and boy wasn’t he delighted. His exact words were “I have to say it, this is the best job you’ve ever done, 100% American made, that’s what I like.”

Trump and senior have struck up a chord since Senior has been on the show “The Celebrity Apprentice” and reportedly Trump gave some wise words to Senior regarding his differences with his son.

On the other hand, the Orange County Choppers team is pretty excited about the work that they did and said “It’s one of the best pieces that we’ve done at Orange County Choppers.” A look on the bike will reveal the time invested on it. Details are intricate and the looks are to die for. A precious gift for the very rich Donald Trump.


Via: Huffingtonpost 

Image Credit: Orangecountychoppers

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